Friday, December 9, 2011

Virgin A Day ~ Day 9

I wasn't prepared for the emotions that set in after yesterday's post.  My husband Brian passed in 2005, the last year we had the Mary statue in our home.  It was a fishing/boating accident, he was here and then he was gone, taking us all quite by surprise.

Today I have been keeping myself busy with preparations of the coming of our Lord.  Without the Virgin Mary's "Yes", none of us would be where we are now.

Without the Virgin's help, I would not be here.  Period.

I share with you today my lovely nativity scene Mary, who is but a foot from me now as I type, telling me "All is well".  Imagine how she felt, once her child was safely within her arms reach?


recuerde mi corazón


  1. Beautiful Shannon. All is well. It always works out always. She is always with us.......

  2. dear one,
    i cannot imagine that one moment where your family was forever changed. thank you for taking this mary walk. for beginning each day reflecting on her, for the way only she can fill in the heart of every moment, and for ending each day firm in her love.

    thank you for your courage and your generosity as you show us how to continue on no matter the challenges that will visit us all.

    holding you in the light.

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart with us today. So sorry for your loss, dear Rosary Lady.

  4. My heart goes out to you-I'm not sure if I would do as well as you are. But, I truly agree that she has been an anchor in the roughest storms of life that come our way. Today is the anniversary for another friend of mine-it will be four years for her. May the love and support from family, friends and strangers help to carry you through this.

  5. Amazing Grace is playing in the background as I type and that is what I wish for you. These holidays sure have a way of bringing back memories, including difficult ones like yours. My ex husband and I agreed, laying in bed together on Christmas eve morning in 1983, to separate the following month. My mom died died right before Christmas in 1968. I do remember joys, as you do, but these deep pains also have a way of surfacing, don't they?

  6. Thank you for the trust to take us inside your heart. You are strong and i sense a faith admirable from afar. Be well!