Sunday, July 22, 2012

Please Help Farrah Soudani and Family

I am sure by now most of you have heard about the horrible shooting massacre in Aurora CO.  Thanks be to God my son wasn't there that evening with Farrah and their other friends.  His guardian angel and some other great angels up there ( thanks BPN Sr) must have been watching over him. 

Unfortunately, Farrah was the first injured in the attack.  It is my understanding that the first gas cannister lobbed into the crowd landed in her lap.  When it exploded, it caused severe damage to her mid section.  Luckily, she was with friends and her boyfriend's father laid across her to prevent the madman from shooting her.

Farrah is still in ICU, several surgeries have been performed and there are likely to be more.  I would like to pass on a website where you can see updates on Farrah, and hopefully make a donation for her medical care.  She had no health insurance, and her bills are going to be extensive. 

Prayers are also appreciated, I firmly believe in the power of prayer to help us in times of distress. 

Here is the link to the fund:  Help Farrah and family - CO Theatre Tragedy