Friday, December 2, 2011

A Virgin a Day ~ Day 2

Our Lady of Fatima
Another of my personal statues.  This one stood at the foot of our staircase for a long time.  One of the boys knocked her over when they were very young, and pieces scattered everywhere.  Poor Mary is missing a piece, but this statue is my favorite and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here is the original invitation to A Virgin a Day, join in with us if you'd like!

calling all virgins...
enchanting, traditional, contemporary, 
exotic, edgy, campy, irreverent, irresistible,
unusual, joyful, rapturous, lovely,
glorious, ordinary, astounding,
 bring her on!

i hope you will join me in a pilgrimage of marys.
feel free to re-post this invitation on your blog,
and link back to
recuerda mi corazon.
as december grows busier we will
quietly greet the new day one mary at a time.


  1. what a beautiful statue and photo. I love this one!!

  2. I can see why, there's something about this Mary, no wonder she's special!

    Sue x

    BTW The word verification is 'humble' just the word I was looking for!!!