Friday, July 22, 2011

This seemed as good as any other way to start things off....

This post was originally written in 2005:

In Loving Memory

Brian Patrick Naughton 3/26/57 - 7/21/5

I was prompted this morning by the Holy Spirit to share the story of my husband’s death.  I received the miracle I prayed for and I must share it with the world. 

My husband was in Canada camping at Artery Lake, his own personal paradise, where he loved to be.  The men would regularly travel down Bloodvein River to fish in the good spots, then return back up river to camp.  They had done this many times before.  In a freak accident, the motor cut out, a wave swamped the boat, causing it to capsize.  Brian was thrown into the rougher part of the river, where as Shawn his best friend, was tossed toward the bank.  Shawn was able to run down the riverbank to where Brian was fighting the current and dive back in to attempt to save him.  Shawn himself knew “I’m going to die today”, and did all he could to return to shore.  Brian was never seen again.  They searched for hours, for days and still no sign of Brian.

The RCMP had pulled out of the search (which involved float planes, helicopters, canoeists, boaters, many people.)  On Saturday, we agreed to bring in a dive specialist to survey the site and confirm what we already knew:  to attempt to recover his body would put too many other lives in danger.  That night I was devastated, lashing out and cursing God in anger.  I knew what I had done was wrong, and asked for forgiveness, and one step further for a miracle.  I had promised my babies that I would bring Dad home.  I prayed “God you raised Lazarus from the dead, I know that is not possible, but please raise my husband’s body so I may keep my promise.” 

The next afternoon, three days after my husband drowned, we set out in a rescue helicopter.  A constant litany of Hail Marys ran through my mind, my best friend’s rosary crushed in my hands.  Sue prayed to St Anthony “forget my previous request; help us find Brian’s body”.  The diver confirmed the magnitude of a rescue and after searching the area for ninety minutes, the helicopter pilot said this pass would be our last.  We had been over and over the route they had taken so many times.  As we neared the end of the section of river the diver asked to check the reeds to our left.  My husband’s body was there in the reeds!  They flew us back to the camp where my husband had been, radioed for a float plane to retrieve us, and went back for my husband. 

I was able to have his body cremated and bring him home to my babies and family.  He and I will be laid to rest together someday.  My God is an awesome God.  In the depths of despair I cried out to Him and He answered me.  I know that my life from here on out will be very difficult, unlike anything I’ve known.  Through the Grace of God, My Beloved Mother Mary, and St Anthony, I am a survivor and will continue to be. 

Shannon Naughton

Much has changed since then, I have been blessed with the gift of another wonderful man who loves me and all of my sons.  He brought to our union another son, and a daughter.

The Rosary Lady went on hiatus for a bit to heal and replenish.  Today business is picking up, in spite of hard economic times.  Mother Mary still watches over me and blesses my handiwork.

This day, and every 21st of July, I pause to remember the man who gave me five wonderful sons and many wonderful memories.

We miss you Dude!  "Love you so much."