Friday, August 26, 2011

Need Help Identifying "Our Lady" of .....?

This is on the center piece of a rosary a friend brought me from Mexico.  His family is from Jalisco.  I think perhaps it is Nuestra Senora de Zapopan, also known as Virgen de Zapopan.

The picture is tiny, the center is smaller than a dime.  The picture is blurry to begin with, this is the clearest I can get it.

Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St Gemma, Patron Saint of Migraine Sufferers

This morning I had a horrid migraine.  It's been over five years since I've had one,  I forgot how painful it was.  I am still not up to par just yet, but I did manage to find this website dedicated to Saint Gemma.  You can read all about her here
Thank you fellow blogger for providing such a wealth of information.  I will now ask Saint Gemma's intercession, and try to get more rest.  
Peace be with you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayer to Saint Frances Cabrini

Saint Frances Cabrini - Woman of God, Woman of Spirit and Vision - You crossed the oceans many times to bring the love of Christ to many nations.  You offered the people you met the gift of life and love by responding to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in practical and creative ways.

Against great odds you achieved what was thought to be impossible.

Inspired by your sense of justice, your love and compassion I come to you now to intercede for me through the Heart of Jesus.

(Pause ....... name petition)

Watch over me this day and those I love.  Strengthen me in my weakness, sustain me in my struggles - bring me a deep and lasting peace and make me whole again.

May I always recognize Christ in the people I meet and respond to them with respect and sensitivity as you did.

I ask this through our one God
For your God is my God
now and forever.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ever Heard of the Gift of Tears?

There was a time when I was a young child, I attended a "Holy Roller" revival meeting at a park with the next door neighbors' family.  Their son was studying to be a pastor, and they invited me along.  I was being raised as a Baptist and this whole thing seemed pretty whacky to me.  At the end of the meeting, I was suddenly overcome with emotion and tears.  Sobbing mad wild tears.  One of the women who had been sitting next to me scooped me up into her ample bosom and held me close, exclaiming that all was well - it was the Holy Spirit who had come down upon me.  She comforted me until I was composed and then it was all over.

I never thought of it until decades later during a Bible study, when once again I was overcome with emotion.  Sister Cathy was doing a guided meditation with us. We were studying John 21:15-19. We were all gathered in a circle, and holding hands with the other students.  Sister begins her narrative.

She tells us to imagine we are sitting with Jesus and the other fishermen around the fire, on the banks of the Sea:  We've just finished eating, everyone is full and content.  We can hear the waves washing up on the shore, hear the sounds of the seagulls and the boats swaying, tied up nearby.  The smell of salt in the air is strong, as is the smoke from the fire.  Jesus turns to Simon Peter and asks "do you love me?"  Peter replies "yes Lord, you know I love you."  Jesus says "feed my lambs."  Jesus asks him again "do you love me?"  Peter again replies "yes, Lord, you know I do."  Jesus says "feed my lambs."  Once more, Jesus asks "do you love me." Simon Peter replies again, "Lord, you know all things, you know that I do."  Jesus says "feed my sheep."    I could swear I was transported away to the very spot, and that I was Simon Peter.  Tears well up within me and I begin to cry.  Why does Jesus keep asking me this?  Doesn't he believe me?   Tears are streaming down my face, and I have nothing to wipe them away with.  I feel like a fool, sniffing and wanting to shake lose of the woman's hand next to me so I can swipe at the tears before Sister ends the visualization.  I am so embarrassed!  Luckily for me, a few others were sniffing too, but none as clearly shaken as I was.  Everyone opens their eyes and looks around and here I sit, what a mess.  Sister winks and says "it's a Gift, be grateful."

I was glad when a book study leader finally told me about the Gifts, and I had the opportunity to research and understand what was going on.  She was the recipient of the Gift of Tongues, and had done much research herself.

Recently I was moved again, while reading someone else's blog.  I decided to research the Gift again, because it has been so many many years since I have felt this way, I thought perhaps the Holy Spirit had "taken it back".  It wasn't Him, it was me, who had gone by the wayside for awhile.  I even dared to compare myself to Mother Teresa, who spent all that time not hearing a word from God.  She continued on, and served Him with every fiber of her being, right until the end.  I wish I could say the same for me.  I stopped going to Mass, except for funeral Masses, since my husband Brian's funeral.  I tried a few times, but would sit at the rear of the church.  I would cry so much, that I knew everyone could hear me and they were probably wondering what on Earth was wrong with me.  Realistically, they would probably just feel empathy that I was in such pain, and wonder what might have caused it.  Being that close to Jesus was just too much for me, the emotion was uncontrollable, and I was embarrassed by it.

Today I see the Gift as a gift, and I welcome it.  Often, for it comes often.  It is renewing my faith and my hunger for more gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Come, O Creator Spirit blest, 
And in our souls take up Thy rest;
Come, with Thy grace and heavenly aid,
To fill the hearts which Thou hast made.

Great Comforter, to Thee we cry;
O highest gift of God most high,
O Fount of life, O Fire of love,
And sweet anointing from above!

The sacred sevenfold grace is Thine,
Dread finger of the hand divine;
The promise of the Father Thou,
Who dost the tongue with power endow.

Kindle our senses from above,
And make our hearts o’erflow with love;
With patience firm, and virtue high,
The weakness of our flesh supply.

Far from us drive the foe we dread,
And grant us Thy true peace instead;
So shall we not, with Thee for guide,
Turn from the path of life aside.

O may Thy grace on us bestow
The Father and the Son to know,
And evermore to hold confessed
Thyself of each the Spirit blest.

Blessings to all of you, my friends! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feast Day of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

There are so many beautiful images of Our Mother Mary, it is hard to pick one favorite.  Today I have found a few depicting the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.  

I have a special devotion to the Blessed Mother, I have long felt her hands upon mine as I create rosaries in her honor and that of her Son, Our Lord Jesus 

I can only pray that one day I shall see her face to face, and thank her for the blessings she has placed upon these hands.

Can you just imagine the awe and wonder of the Mother of God being taken up into Heaven, whether it be with the aid of Angels or by Our Father's invisible hand?

I am sure the Apostles were all saddened at her passing, but praise God, she is reunited with her Son at last.  

Thank you, Mary, for your "Yes."  Thank you for all that you do for me and mine, and all the world.  

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.

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