Friday, December 16, 2011

Haiku My Heart ~ Friday

Today I was reminded of the many times I would receive a text message or phone call from one of my family members.  Being a rosary artisan, beads and "bows" are everywhere in my home.  Sometimes I just can't explain how they appear where they do.  One day my son texted me from school to say he found a bead in his backpack.  I guess that's just Mother Mary, reminding him to pray his rosary?

 My beads are everywhere
In my sons' back packs at school
and on ev'ry rooms' floor

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~Totus Tuus~ 
Peace be with you!


  1. love this - as an artist can relate!

  2. I love the way you put the haiku to use describing an every day event. I also have beads and stuff scattered around. Since I make stuff and no project ever gets completed in one sitting, I leave things here and there. I wish I had a studio, but there isn't room here right now.
    Great popst about your life. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I had that problem when the children were still at home. Found that nearly every project I was working on got picked up and was "transported" to other parts of the house! Love this post! Cathy

  4. Beads - little seeds of hope scattered far and wide!

    Sue x

  5. Loving your haiku and your son finding a bead ~ Miracles in the day are so wonderful! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

    PS ~ Felt Our Lady calling and so tried writing my first haiku ~ will continue and get the 'hang of it' soon ~ I trust ~ Happy Holidays to you ~

  6. i used to have beads everywhere too...this makes me giggle...i like the idea of rosary beads ending up in far away places...

  7. This is a good thing indeed, rosary lady! What are bows, by the way? The pieces that connect the beads?

  8. @Carol, this was my first Haiku! @Fran, yes, the bows are the pieces between the decades and the Our Father beads, they look like little bows, or figure 8s. I started using those instead of chain because I feel it makes the rosary stronger. Or perhaps I'm just too lazy to use the chain.....

  9. Well they are beautiful and they should be everywhere. Like a prayer going with him, yes? It is a wonderful thing that you create.

  10. dear rosary lady.

    forgive me for my late arrival. i posted haiku my heart last friday and answered every one before i was called unexpectedly out of town.
    i returned better for helping others but quite under the weather.
    so glad i am here to sit with you now. your beads left hither and yon also serve to show the way!
    so glad you are here.

  11. Hi Shannon, I think it's great that the beads pop up all over! More times to be reminded to pray. I'm not familiar with Haiku but it sounds intriguing. I will have to check it out.