Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mornings With Mary ~ Because I Just Can't Let Go

Even though the Virgin A Day project is over, this morning I awoke wondering what other beautiful image of the Virgin Mary could I find.  

I shuffled through my files and came across a photo of a beautiful sunrise from my bedroom window earlier this month.  Of course, I found an image of The Blessed Virgin Mary to put with it.....


And because today is the Feast Day of Saint Lucy, a photo of my own Lucy.  

Contessa Lucia Conchita Lolita de la Corazon.... Gomez.  
You have to pause before saying Gomez, or she gets upset with you.  She loves her bling, her current choice is a black beaded necklace with tiny Saint medals all about.  This one matched the color scheme better.....

Blessings to you all!

Peace be with you,


  1. Oh wow. The sky goes with Our Lady perfectly and bling bling on your little Chi Lucy. LOVE IT!!

  2. even as you cannot let go i have spent all morning preparing a thank you to each of you.
    i will post it later today. perhaps i should add a link for those like you, who are not quite ready to stop this great sharing!

  3. thank you dear friend,
    i have posted my gratitude to you and all today at recuerda mi corazon with a special invitation.