Sunday, February 26, 2012

Postcards From Paradise - Wishful Thinking

 My family loves to fish and camp. 

There is something about being in nature
 that opens up ones very soul.  

My watercolors never look this amazing!

Absolute perfection. 

Fellowship and togetherness.

 Every day brings another joy to behold.

The "country" of my birth. 

Filling me with happiness. 

Peace and serenity.

Childlike simplicity.

Nature at it's finest.

Gathering in.

Letting go.

Changing in so many ways.

Promise of salvation.

I will cling to it always.

Peace be with you,


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Postcards from Paradise. 


  1. Those days camping are precious I know, as near to paradise as I can get too!

    Sue x

  2. i too grew up in a family who spent any free time fishing, or camping in the mountains....or on the long coast of southern california. i treasure the memories as i treasure each of your heart stirring photographs. oh the joy and gift of family, in the sacred heart of nature.

  3. we, as a family, also love camping, hiking, cycling and being in the outdoors - these are beautiful photographs speaking to the soul!

  4. Wonderful. I loved the pictures and for me Nature is my church.