Friday, February 3, 2012

Haiku My Heart - It's good to be back

Snow blankets the earth
Entire cities cry snow day
Goin' back to bed

I had so many things planned for today, but Mother Nature felt it was time for something different.  This Winter Storm Warning continues until late this evening, with the storm stalled and circling like a hurricane over the area.  Thank goodness for preparedness and planning ahead.  Perhaps a good book is in order instead...

Please visit Rebecca over at recuerda mi corazon who hosts Haiku My Heart.  Her blog is blazing with beautiful colors and words and thoughts to make your heart sing!  Other participants in Haiku my Heart have offerings there too, be sure to click away and enjoy! 

Hopefully tomorrow my world will be a little less grey....

Peace be with you,


  1. I would love a snow day...without the snow,lol.
    That's a great haiku Shannon!

  2. I'll have to look at the weather map and see where this is happening. We have yet another day of unseasonable warm temperatures and the pittance of snow we had is almost all gone. Very unusual for Northern Wisconsin in February. Very nice photo and haiku though. Enjoy the snow day.


  3. Lovely lovely! We are sweltering in never-known before heatwaves in Cape Town! Reading your haiku makes me feel cool, lol. blessings

  4. Awesome photo and wonderful haiku ~ Hope snow is not headed East ~ be warm and comfy ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Loved this little snippet of humor. I felt that blanket pulling up over MY head.

  6. dear shannon,

    your haiku is charming...and so is the idea of returning to bed!
    oh my you really received a bounty of winter! you may be blanketed in snow but you are always a warm comfort to our hearts!

  7. Love this and the picture!! Only rain here.:{

  8. Beautiful photo! I love the look of snow on bare tree branches.

  9. I love snow days...especially when they come on Friday instead of Wednesday! (This is the teacher in me speaking, you understand.)

    Whirling Haiku and Senryu

  10. Sometimes going back to bed is a good thing, so enjoy!!!