Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayer to Saint Frances Cabrini

Saint Frances Cabrini - Woman of God, Woman of Spirit and Vision - You crossed the oceans many times to bring the love of Christ to many nations.  You offered the people you met the gift of life and love by responding to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in practical and creative ways.

Against great odds you achieved what was thought to be impossible.

Inspired by your sense of justice, your love and compassion I come to you now to intercede for me through the Heart of Jesus.

(Pause ....... name petition)

Watch over me this day and those I love.  Strengthen me in my weakness, sustain me in my struggles - bring me a deep and lasting peace and make me whole again.

May I always recognize Christ in the people I meet and respond to them with respect and sensitivity as you did.

I ask this through our one God
For your God is my God
now and forever.



  1. PS- I posted a long comment on your Gift of Tears post and I see it is not there. So I will write part of it again. Just that I too flow tears at times when I read something on Mary or when I am praying in earnest to her. A friend told me this was the gift of tears and that Padre Pio cried towels full once. I can't find that anywhere and I am wondering if it was indeed Padre Pio that she said or someone else.

  2. Woodwife here is what I found on Saint Padre Pio: Brother Pio made himself conspicuous by the abundance of the tears he shed during the morning period of mental prayer, which in Capuchin houses is consecrated to the meditation of the Passion; tears so abundant that it was necessary to spread a towel in front of him on the floor of the choir. As with St. Francis, it was to this loving and compassionate contemplation of Jesus crucified that he was to owe the grace to receive later on the painful stigmata in his body. Even so, as he confided to his spiritual director, Fr. Agostino: "In comparison to what I suffer in my flesh, the spiritual combats that I endure are much worse."

  3. Thank you so much for that information!!!