Friday, August 26, 2011

Need Help Identifying "Our Lady" of .....?

This is on the center piece of a rosary a friend brought me from Mexico.  His family is from Jalisco.  I think perhaps it is Nuestra Senora de Zapopan, also known as Virgen de Zapopan.

The picture is tiny, the center is smaller than a dime.  The picture is blurry to begin with, this is the clearest I can get it.

Any ideas?


  1. I think you are correct Shannon. It is Nuestra Senora de Zapopan. I put it into search and many pictures come up that look just like your medal.

  2. Thanks for confirming. It was one of those anal things that wouldn't let go yesterday. I am so glad to move on now.

  3. I had no idea! But I just learned is power!
    I love the rosary