Monday, March 18, 2013

Mornings with Mary

Rebecca has invited me to join in another of her Mary memes, Mornings with Mary.  Each Monday morning, we shall post and link our Marys. 
I personally can never get enough of the Blessed Virgin, so I always relish joining in and visiting Her at others' pages. 

This statue is in the bay window of my office/workshop.  The Blessed Mother is always at my side, but I feel her most when I am designing and making rosaries. 
Thank you Mary, for being there for me.
Thank you Rebecca for the invite! 
Visit recuerda mi corazon for more Mornings with Mary. 


  1. I love your Mary Shannon. This may help me start blogging again.

  2. Hi Shannon, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your Mary, especially with the rosarys. Wow, I have to stop by your Etsy and see your rosarys. They look beautiful.

  3. Your own guardian angel mother. I would never feel alone.

  4. dear shannon,

    thank you so much for your beautiful mary and joining this first day of honoring her. i too can never get enough mary love. your statue is gorgeous and i love her praying hands graced with your beautiful rosaries.
    i am home after a long day in the infusion center and finally had a chance to add the entire sequence of photographs i took as the sun rose on saint patricks day. it was only this early morning when i downloaded them that i saw the green orb grow to fill the arms of mary and the appearance of a cross of light. i hope you will return and take another look, so beautiful!

  5. your statue is beautiful! wonderful to have her beside you.

  6. Mary with you waiting to try on your newest rosary creations what a perfect relationship! Nice to say hello on Mornings with Mary. x

  7. Mary is always a comfort and a joy...
    your statue is beautiful Shannon, holding your rosaries.
    I have similar statues living in the rooms of my home too♥♥

  8. Your faith and lovely photograph make me smile.xx

  9. more comfort and joy calling for you at recuerda mi corazon, blessed monday!

  10. Our Lady as I call her is a reminder to me of the Divine in all of us ~ thanks for your beautiful post ~ many blessings to you in each day ~ ^_^