Friday, December 7, 2012

Virgin A Day - Day 7

Prayer to the Mother of Goodness, Love and Mercy

O Mother, of Goodness, Love and Mercy,
I immensely love you and offer myself to you.
Through your goodness, love and mercy save me.
I want to be yours.
I love you endlessly and want you to keep me.
From my heart I beseech you, Mother of Goodness.
Give me your goodness that I may deserve heaven by it.
I ask you for your immense love to give me the grace that I may love everybody as you loved Jesus Christ.
And I ask you for the Grace that I may be gracious to you
I offer myself completely to you and want you to be with me at every step.
For you are full of grace.
Let me never lose God's grace:
And if I should,
Help me.
Rebecca's meme, A Virgin A Day ends on the 12th of December.
Follow the link below to see more of the lovely offerings from her "tribe".

"remember my heart"

Peace be with you,


  1. Loved the prayer Shannon and love the way the beautiful flowers in the front make a setting for our Mary. Although she doesn't really need a setting, she shines all the time. Thank you. Happy Mary Day to you.

  2. Beautiful photography of the flower and 'Our Lady' ~ wonderful words for Mary ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka 'artmusedog'

  3. So far away is She in the photo, and yet so close to our hearts!

    Mary in Disguise

  4. The gladiolus was so arresting, it took a minute to see Mary there. But there she was, steadfast, doing her work without expectation of fame or fortune.

  5. Gladiola pink
    Sweetest straw of life's nector
    Gaze of Mary quenches

    1. Thank you for the Haiku Annie! I really really suffer when trying Haiku. I think I may have managed once or twice on Haiku My Heart Fridays.

      I think I'll text that on the photo and print it!

    2. If haiku is hard for you, try something else! No use inviting suffering! :)

      Last Night’s Tea Flowers

  6. That statue of Mary must be quite large...fantastic
    behind the glads. ♥