Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday at The Rosary Lady


Today is Small Business Saturday.  Be sure to visit your local small business, and also those online.  From today thru Monday, I will be offering 10% discount through my Etsy shop.  Enter code upon checkout:  SMALLBIZ10. 

The Rosary Lady is a small business, owned and operated by myself, since the year 2000.  In 2002,  I opened my website,, and in 2011 I opened my Etsy shop,

I enjoy designing and constructing rosaries, and often feel Our Lady's hands placed over mine while doing so.  There have been times when I felt it was time to close the doors on either or both shops, but The Blessed Mother prevents me from doing so. 

I will continue to do her bidding, as long as it pleases her, as I know that praying the rosary is a true and quick way to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.  I hope that I can be but a small part in bringing others to Him. 

Pray the Rosary Daily and Peace Be With You!

~ Shannon ~

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