Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bee Swarm Takes Up Residency!

I wanted to update the status of the bee swarm that my son found Saturday at his grandma's house.  Since they moved into their hive, they are happy campers.  They are out and about: gathering pollen, drinking water, and checking out us humans in their flight path.

This hive is known as the "North Denver Hive".  It is the original hive for this season.  Surrounded by flowers and bee ponds in Mom's garden, it is doing well.

The second hive "Wash Park", on the other hand, is not thriving as much.  There is a makeshift "umbrella" as this hive is in direct sun most of the day.  The people who had the swarm waited three days before they called for help.  Some of the bees had fallen to the ground, so the group is smaller.  Some bees may have also left.  It is the plight of the beekeeper.  

"East Evans" hive, where the bee swarm my son found now resides.  These silly bees don't use the front door.  

We've decided they must be teenagers, because they are sneaking in the back door....

Today my folks put up a new hive, so they will be ready for the next phone call.  Often when people find a swarm on their property, they contact Denver Bee Club.  Matt and Fern King are the people working with my mom to get her hives filled.  Whenever they are called to pick up a swarm, they contact local apiarists to see if they are ready for newcomers.  

I have yet to see them in action, but I've asked to be notified when the next swarm is delivered so I can be there! 

If you have a chance, check out the Denver Bee Club website.  They have an amazing photo gallery from around the world.  Take a look around while you are there, you will be glad you did. 

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  1. Hi Shannon. What an interesting post. I'm clueless about bees and their habits. It was interesting to discover how individual each hive one was from another.